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Very Berry Healthy Flapjacks

I have a love/hate relationship with flapjacks. I mean, I don't mind them- but I find it incredible how much processed sugar, saturated fat and calories are hidden in your bog-standard flapjack recipe. The ones you find in the local garage for about 50p are bloody awful, totally bland, and always include at least 30 ingredients you can't even pronounce. I think these little berry concoctions are the perfect antidote to the usual crappy flapjackery you'd find in the shops.

True, there are healthier versions available in many places, including supermarkets. Whilst that a good thing, it doesn't bode well for the majority of us who don't want to spend near enough a fiver for one little snack. I'm always trying to find ways to make these indulgences a little cheaper, especially when they only last about five minutes in our house.

My Sundays are either occupied with outdoor family time, or housework/meal prepping, depending upon whether Ben is working his weekend shift or not. The amount of food he eats seems to increase week after week, especially now that he is producing more fitness content for his social media channels on top of working as a full-time PT. I just can't fill him up, and I'm sure as hell not chucking an extra £20 onto our shopping budget just for extra snacks I can (at least attempt to) make myself.

That's how these berry flapjacks were created, in defiance of the ridiculous amounts of money busy working people spend on convenience every day. They take very little time to make, only contain 4 ingredients and are cheap as chips. Easy to throw into the lunchboxes of bottomless pits (husbands, partners, kids, add to that list as you wish) to stop the incessant "but I'm starving" complaints.

Very Berry Healthy Vegan Flapjack Recipe

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