Hi! I'm Becky.

I created Here She Glows Again to share a realistic (and sometimes sceptical) depiction of life as a busy working mum of three. Inititially the blog began as a plant-based food blog, but quite frankly I'm awful with a camera and havent got the time or energy to be throwing pretentious tea towels around my food for 'ambiance'.


I was bored of scrolling through endless blogs and social media posts from other parents trying to depict the "perfect life", when really, we all know it doesn't exist. We're all just muddling along, and that's what I aim to show you: I do everything on the cheap, spend loads of time outdoors with the kids, often walk around covered in my toddler's breakfast, and I have food label-reading searching for dairy down to a fine art. 

I have two little boys (6 & 9) and a 1-year-old daughter. This blog is a tongue-in-cheek look at my chaotic life as an outspoken Northern mum juggling everything as best as I can. You won't find expensive fashion columns or travel blogs here, because for many of us that isn't real life, is it?! We're definitely more of an Air BnB in Wales as opposed to a month in Bali type of family round here. We're also a fully veggie/vegan household so maybe my recipes will help your family cut down on meat and in turn help the environment. 

You aren't alone- parenthood is both a privilege and a real bloody struggle so let's do it together.

I'd love to hear from you all, so connect with me on Instagram @Heresheglowsagain and feel free to leave comments! 



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